Here’s the Scoop on your Scope!

(Pixie Sticks, Runts, Fruit Blast…)
Now that Mars has entered Sagittarius you must make a list of goals for the rest of the year. Recharge with a bag of your favorite top treats and start writing. No doubt that with your high flying ways you’ll be crossing off that list in no time!

(Sour Belts, Worms, Poppers, Balls…)
All of this funky weather has you yearning for a new adventure. Take a trip to your favorite sweet shop and stock up! It will be planes, trains, and automobiles for you soon and you’ll want to have plenty of sour sugar on hand.

(Jelly Belly, Gumdrops, Skittles…)
The position of Mars makes for one creative energy flow for our friends who love to eat color. The next few weeks produces a world of pure imagination.

(Haribo Raspberries, French Burnt Peanuts, Peanut M & M’s…)
Life will be unpredictable as long as Mars is in Sagittarius. Gather your friends and colleagues close by as you may need some assistance to close the sale, but note the deals look fun and profitable.

(Cotton Candy, Taffy, Airheads…)
No time better than now to take up a new cause or help a candidate you admire get elected to office. Stock up on anything fluffy because there will be a lot of hard work ahead and we don’t want you to be deflated.

(Gummy Bears, Swedish Fish, Bubble Gum…)
You’re a little tired but since you are known as a force to be reckoned with you seem to get stronger with every chewy treat you eat! It might be a good time to make sure your candy jar is full.

(Lemon Drops, Jawbreakers, Peppermints…)
Your sugar fix keeps you operating slow and steady. Life may pick up some speed in the next few weeks, so keep a stash on hand to keep you within the speed limit.

(Red, Black, Good & Plenty…)
Your loyal ways will pay off when an old friend comes to your rescue. Replenish your stash so that you continue to be the good-natured soul your friend is expecting.

(Anything Covered in Dark Chocolate…)
Now is a good time to sharpen up your wardrobe! Take a cue from your sophisticated sense of style and put together some polished looks that seem like they came straight off of the runway.

(Anything Covered in Milk Chocolate…)
Stick close to home during the next few weeks as Mars moves to its new position. It’s ok to be a couch potato, you like comfort and your sofa is always your favorite place.

(Anything Covered in White Chocolate…)
You are about to get a position that gives you more authority. The white stuff gives you the confidence to be a natural leader. Remember the more you eat the better you’ll lead.

(Tootsie Rolls, Mary Janes, Bit O Honey…)
Fall is coming and you’ve been thinking about Halloween and the smell of a trick or treat bag. It’s ok to inhale and take that delicious scent into your olfactory memories. Be careful not to overindulge as it is better to do everything in moderation.

Hello FREAK! Your life is always sugar coated and sweet. Congrats you MANIAC on being so connected to your confections that you make the world taste good.




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