Here’s the Scoop on your Scope!

(Pixie Sticks, Runts, Fruit Blast…)
We already know you’re a proud high flyer – but the Sun in Libra could be throwing you an extra jolt of ambition to help fuel your loftiest ideas. If you’ve had some projects floating around in your cauldron, now is definitely the time to act! Definitely use this time to hone in on the long term goals and you’ll be there in no time.

(Sour Belts, Worms, Poppers, Balls…)
As they say “ghouls just wanna have fun,” but the whirlwind pace of the summer full of projects and extraordinary fun has left you with an unusual burnt out feeling. Not to worry, the new moon will finally bring on the fire to light the jack-o-lanterns and you’ll be back to rousing up some mischief in no time!

(Jelly Belly, Gumdrops, Skittles…)
October is calling you to tap into it’s magic and help boost your naturally creative talent to create a knock out costume sure to impress. Think of all of the candy to be eaten for motivation & inspiration…who knows, maybe you’ll find a way to go as a bag of Jelly Belly beans or a Skittles rainbow!

(Haribo Raspberries, French Burnt Peanuts, Peanut M & M’s…)
The unpredictable side of you is craving not just your favorite fall treats (taffy apples dipped in crushed peanuts anyone?), but multiple costumes to fit the different sides of your personality. You may have to use some of your great negotiating skills on your own self to narrow it down, but the detail oriented side of you will get it down just right!

(Cotton Candy, Taffy, Airheads…)
You always tend to be drawn to good causes and the fall season brings on plenty of fundraisers, galas, and charity events with a Halloween twist. One (or several!) of these events are the perfect feel good way to get into the spirit of the season while not shorting yourself of cotton candy spider webs.

(Gummy Bears, Swedish Fish, Bubble Gum…)
You spend much of your year exercising your pragmatic tenancies even with simple pleasures like finding the most efficient way to sort out your favorite gummy bear flavor. As the year winds down with fall, it’s a good time for you to start pre-planning your holiday activities and gifts now so you feel like you have a good grip on everything.

(Lemon Drops, Jawbreakers, Peppermints…)
Your “ghoul friends” know you’re not as shy as you sometimes appear to be. With the increase of Halloween bashes…now’s a great time to break out of that candy coated shell and get better acquainted with those in your social circle. Commenting on someone’s costume is a great ice breaker!

(Red, Black, Good & Plenty…)
You seem to be around quite a few Verruca Salt’s, they are rude, selfish, and exhibit very bad behavior. This would be a good time to stock up on your everyday stash (aka all things licorice). This always makes you very kind and you can sit back and wait for “candy karma” to come around to the brats.

(Anything Covered in Dark Chocolate…)
Having the Sun in Libra is making you feel very attached to your home and giving you the urge to show off your well styled pad – time to host a party before everyone gets too busy! If you’re not up to cooking, order in and impress your guests with your mixology skills or great taste in wine.

(Anything Covered in Milk Chocolate…)
Halloween conjures up sentiments of trick or treating & pumpkin carving with dear family and friends. Time to carry on the tradition for the feel good vibes and an excuse to see those you normally don’t…even if that means leaving your comfort zone and traveling to a far away family members house or finding a new pumpkin patch to call home.

(Anything Covered in White Chocolate…)
As someone who is the king or queen of social media and hot topics, your costume is likely to change several more times before Halloween arrives as we all know you’ll whip up the latest & greatest sensation leaving our heads spinning. After October 23rd, make sure not to turn down any social invites as you’ll feel lighthearted and ready to mingle.

(Tootsie Rolls, Mary Janes, Bit O Honey…)
You wouldn’t be caught dead in a store bought costume – those around you cannot wait for your confident personality to light up the party, others will be fawning over the vintage pieces pulled out of the bottom of your closet creating an effortless retro look. Halloween is also great excuse for you to seek out all those retro candies you love and pass their goodness on to the young ones in your life.

Hello FREAK! Your life is always sugar coated and sweet. Congrats you MANIAC on being so connected to your confections that you make the world taste good.

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