Here’s the Scoop on your Scope!

(Pixie Sticks, Runts, Fruit Blast…)
Spend the first part of this month doing what you like to do best-goal setting!  Then intend to take all of the accolades this year due to your meticulous plans. Don’t forget to replenish your sugary stash to help you achieve your share of instantaneous recognition and gratification, you’ll need quite a big bag as we know this will be a successful year.

(Sour Belts, Worms, Poppers, Balls…)
Wow!  We know the sour sweets make you take a walk on the wild side so be prepared for an outrageous adventure in the near future.  Get ready for a first class adrenaline rush!

(Jelly Belly, Gumdrops, Skittles…)
You’re starting the year like a burst of fireworks in the sky!  Be ready for a new idea to collide with your creative side.  Scoop up on the colory treats so that you’ll have plenty of inspiration for this project.

(Haribo Raspberries, French Burnt Peanuts, Peanut M & M’s…)
Mercury in Aquarius will bring you advancement in your career.  Keep crunching and get all of the details in writing.  This could be the moment you’ve dreamed of so negotiate well.

(Cotton Candy, Taffy, Airheads…)
All of your airy treats have left you a little wanderlust.  The new year is demanding that you create some Zen in your life.  Refuel with the fluff and meditate to get grounded.  This will be a welcomed retreat.

(Gummy Bears, Swedish Fish, Bubble Gum…)
This is the time of the year where you really get in touch with your inner practicality.  You plan to set some hard-core resolutions that you aim to keep.  Now that Mercury is in Aquarius take time to chew some gummy bears…this will help you stay on track and remain the tough cookie that you are. Preparing you for a strong year ahead.

(Lemon Drops, Jawbreakers, Peppermints…)
Feeling a little reclusive?  These weeks brings on feelings of seclusion. Limit your activities and take this time to re-access your goals to keep your spirit sensible and logical for the year.

(Red, Black, Good & Plenty…)
You’re ready for a year of doing good deeds for others. You will be inspired to commit random acts of kindness, which is very indicative of your considerate personality.

(Anything Covered in Dark Chocolate…)
The post holiday festivities have left you with a strong desire to rest and relax.  This is an excellent time to book a spacation and make sure it’s a place where they place dark truffles on your pillow at night.

(Anything Covered in Milk Chocolate…)
It seems like everything is dipped in chocolate and as long as it’s milk you’ll have some of that!  Use this time to experiment and share the results with family and friends.

(Anything Covered in White Chocolate…)
Your friends accuse you of being a bit of a digital narcissist, but how can you help it when hundreds follow your every tweet.  Use your favorite treat to refuel your natural born leadership tendencies and tell the world how you feel in 140 characters or less.

(Tootsie Rolls, Mary Janes, Bit O Honey…)
The holiday parties are over and now that Mercury has entered Aquarius, you feel that winter has kicked into full gear.  Resurrect some of your favorite retro treats to relive your youth and childhood favorites and take a sentimental journey rather than go out in the cold.

Hello FREAK! Your life is always sugar coated and sweet. Congrats you MANIAC on being so connected to your confections that you make the world taste good.

Strawberry Caramel Bites
Charm’s Pops
Giant Peanut Butter Cups




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