How it works: Look below for your favorite type(s) of candy to find out what the sweet stuff is forecasting for your future! At Candyality, you really are what you eat!

(Pixie Sticks, Runts, Fruit Blast…)
Shine on harvest moon!  The full moon eclipse on the 16th of the month you’ll have plenty of wind in your sails to take fall by sea or storm.  Are you training for the triathlon?  Got a 5k on your mind?  You are at peak performance, and your competitive spirit is overwhelming.  Stock up on your sugary sweets and go for the gold.

(Sour Belts, Worms, Poppers, Balls…)
The harvest moon seems to be effecting your sweet tooth urge and those risk taking tendencies that you posses.  This is the time to start experiencing all the things on your bucket list; you’ll have a blast!

(Jelly Belly, Gumdrops, Skittles…)
The colors of candy have always provided you with some sweet inspiration.  Cool weather brings even cooler candy waiting to be scooped up. So grab a new stash bag and pick and mix to your heart’s desire!  

(Haribo Raspberries, French Burnt Peanuts, Peanut M & M’s…)
Colleagues, family, and friends will provide you with the resources you need for all upcoming details and strategies. Set up an impromptu candy buffet with your favs to keep you and everyone around you motivated and produce valuable results.

(Cotton Candy, Taffy, Airheads…)
It’s a good time to guard your mental state as the moon enters into Libra. Meditate, eat good food, and fill up on fluffy treats, these will help you stay on course and produce insightful results and of course keep you balanced.

(Gummy Bears, Swedish Fish, Bubble Gum…)
You are so resilient, the daily grind is more like the daily chew with you.  Don’t let your practicality get in the way of having fun, in fact take in a special event on the 23rd the night of the last quarter moon; you’ll have so much fun you’ll be bouncing off the walls!

(Lemon Drops, Jawbreakers, Peppermints…)
Entering the fall season always makes you contemplate your direction in life.  You tend to be modest so don’t discount all that you have accomplished.  Use the next few weeks to be reserved and rejuvenate, as you should be quite busy as the new season unfolds.

(Red, Black, Good & Plenty…)
As fall approaches your cravings for your favorite licorice become stronger.  Don’t hesitate to indulge, as your mantra should be to be as kind to yourself as you are to others.  Sharing your stash bag will be a win-win for you and your friends.

(Anything Covered in Dark Chocolate…)
Fall fashion seems to be better than ever and your dark cravings have you out and about buying the latest trends.  Restock that wardrobe with a few staples and just like your chocolate, don’t be afraid to add at least a piece that you couldn’t resist

(Anything Covered in Milk Chocolate…)
Lucky you!  This whole harvest moon thing has put you in an unbelievable positive mood.  Everyone around you will want to feed off your energy, so stock up on the milky treats as this experience will last until the end of the month!

(Anything Covered in White Chocolate…)
You’re out and about these days trying lots of new places and things to do. While you wish to keep some things to your self, you are the Pied Piper and everything you do the entourage.  The white stuff you crave makes you a natural born leader, scoop up and deal!  

(Tootsie Rolls, Mary Janes, Bit O Honey…)
Party hearty!  This is the best time to put on those blue suede shoes and rock around the clock!  Stock up on your favorite nostalgic treats, spin some 45’s and have some fun, fun. fun!

Hello FREAK! Your life is always sugar coated and sweet. Congrats you MANIAC on being so connected to your confections that you make the world taste good.

Yowies, Beer flavored Cotton Candy, Coconut Haystacks

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