How it works: Look below for your favorite type(s) of candy to find out what the sweet stuff is forecasting for your future! At Candyality, you really are what you eat!

(Pixie Sticks, Runts, Fruit Blast…)
Spring is in the air and you’re feeling renewed and full of energy–and what better use for all that extra pep than spring cleaning? Take a day to revamp your space and then reward yourself with some sugary treats.

(Sour Belts, Worms, Poppers, Balls…)
You might be feeling a little quiet lately with Mercury in retrograde, but there’s a new moon coming on the 26th that will perk you right up! New moons are often energizing, and that’s just what you need to reignite your inner spark. Have a blast, wild child.

(Jelly Belly, Gumdrops, Skittles…)
You’ve probably been looking forward to spring and the fresh pops of color that come with it–and lucky for you, the wait is over! Take it easy in the second half of the month and strive to spend as much time outside as you can. Your winter blues will be long gone in no time.

(Haribo Raspberries, French Burnt Peanuts, Peanut M & M’s…)
Mercury is STILL in retrograde (until May 3rd) and it’s really taking a toll on you. Communication is difficult for you right now and you’ve probably had more than a few misunderstandings over the past couple of weeks. Lay low until retrograde is over and take comfort in knowing that the end is in sight.

(Cotton Candy, Taffy, Airheads…)
You’re a great listener, but even you’re getting tired of hearing about all the commotion surrounding Mercury’s retrograde this month. It might be beneficial to keep to yourself for a few days so you can recharge.

(Gummy Bears, Swedish Fish, Bubble Gum…)
We already knew you were a tough cookie, but your strength while Mercury’s been in retrograde has blown our minds. April has been a tough month for all of us, but you’ve weathered the storm like a pro. Treat yourself to a big bag of chewy candy–you deserve it.

(Red, Black, Good & Plenty…)
Mercury in retrograde has put professional matters in focus for you this month, but as April comes to a close you’ll finally begin to feel like you can take a break from work and relax. Celebrate all your hard work by spending the last week of April indulging in your favorite pastimes, and don’t forget to reward yourself with a bag of licorice while you’re at it. 

(Lemon Drops, Jawbreakers, Peppermints…)
The new moon on the 26th will be an ideal time for you to begin new routines or make changes to your usual habits. We know you aren’t a huge fan of change, but it doesn’t hurt to make adjustments every now and then.

(Anything Covered in Dark Chocolate…)
Does Mercury’s retrograde have you feeling down? You’re probably feeling a bit anti-social during this time, so pull on your dark shades and try to block out the rest of the world. The only company you need this month is a steady supply of dark chocolate.

(Anything Covered in Milk Chocolate…)
Your loving nature has made this month of Mercury’s retrograde a little more bearable, but we know you’re beyond ready to get past all the drama of retrograde. On May 3rd you’ll be able to breathe a big sigh of relief as Mercury moves on, but until then, keep being your sweet self and allow your kindness to prevail.

(Anything Covered in White Chocolate…)
Always sporting the latest trends, we have no doubt that you’ll usher in the new moon on the 26th with a new phase of your own. We’re on the edge of our seats to see what you have in store–new moons are very unpredictable, just like you!

(Tootsie Rolls, Mary Janes, Bit O Honey…)
With Mercury in retrograde and a new moon coming up, there’s probably a lot of change happening around you! Change can be a good thing, but don’t be afraid to cling to what’s tried-and-true. Your style is classic so be wary of compromising your uniqueness just for the sake of change.

Hello FREAK! Your life is always sugar coated and sweet. Congrats you MANIAC on being so connected to your confections that you make the world taste good.

Peach Gummy Bears
Yogurt Covered Pretzels
Salt Water Taffy

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